Speaking / Training

Mitch is available for speaking, either in-person or via Google Hangout.  This page contains an overview of what to expect when seeking out Mitch as a speaker.

What to Expect

When you contact Mitch, you can expect:

  1. Quick, concise conversations via either phone or email
  2. A phone call before the event to best see how I can serve your specific needs
  3. Promotion of the event (if it’s an open event) on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and this website.
  4. “Face time” to talk to leaders and/or students after the event for any specific questions
  5. a “Post-mortem” to determine the success of the event.

About Mitch

Short Bio: I’m Mitch. I’m a youth volunteer at a church in Franklin, TN. By day, I build websites on WordPress and try to make the web a more beautiful place. By night, I teach students and youth ministry leaders how to safely and effectively use social media to grow their faith and their ministries.

Long Bio: Please visit the about page.

Topics of Interest

  • Student Message: How to be a Digital Disciple
  • Leader / Pastoral Training: Using Social Media in Ministry
  • Leader / Pastoral Training: Teaching Students to be Digital Disciples
  • Student Message: Brain Training: Practical Ways to Memorize Scripture

Previous Engagements

I’ve been speaking in the professional and business sectors for nearly 10 years now on various topics.  You can visit my professional speaking page for a more general speaking biography and a list of the conferences / events I’ve partnered with.

Next Steps

I’d love to come speak at your youth ministry or train your staff.  Please use the contact form and I’ll get back to you very soon!