I’m Mitch.  I’m a youth volunteer at a church in Franklin, TN.  By day, I build websites on WordPress and try to make the web a more beautiful place.  By night, I teach students and youth ministry leaders how to safely and effectively use social media to grow their faith and their ministries.

Why “That Youth Leader”?

I started this blog (for the first time) a few years ago.  But long before that I had a passion for student ministry.  Even as a high-schooler, I was mentoring middle school students on how to grow their faith and be bold in their schools.  I served as an assistant youth pastor at a small church during my college years and continued to volunteer in youth groups as I worked my way through college and into the “real world”.

I felt like God was calling me into full-time ministry, even back then.  However, I was (like most of my peers) young and stupid, and turned my back on my calling to start my own company. God never gave up on me, and I ultimately came around a few years ago to take hold of that calling.

That Youth Leader is a shortened play on words on what people would call me at church.  “Oh, look, there goes that youth leader in the hat” (referencing the signature Stetson I wore to all the events and meetings).

Topics Covered

That Youth Leader is a blog on all things youth ministry.  We’ll have discussions on culture, game ideas, ways to engage with students, and other things pertaining to youth ministry. However, of special focus will be “how to use technology in youth ministry”.  Not only will there be tutorials and reviews of social networks, services, and tools to use in youth ministry, but we’ll also look into ways to teach students to safely and effectively use social media to reach their peers and classmates.

Contact Information

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ if you want to drop me a quick note to say hello!  If you want to talk more in-depth on youth communication, social media, technology, or other youth ministry topics, please use the form provided on the contact page.